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Regular Range

We offer a very moist and light butter cake in the following flavours -






Premium Range

*Chocolate mud

*Red velvet

*Orange/lemon curd (each layer of the cake is filled with the curd and then covered with butter icing or ganache)

*Raspberry and white chocolate ganache

*Salted caramel

If you have a personal favourite, do let us know and we'll endeavour to make it.


The prices start at $60 per kilo for the regular range and at $70 for the premium range. The minimum size per cake needs to be 1.5 kilograms which will give 18 - 20 serves. Double tier cakes need to be at least 2.5 kilograms. Please note that the final price will depend on the design and the intricacy of the details.

Cupcakes start at $2.50.